By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

The New New York

Sheff G.png

Sheff G is an artist from Brooklyn that has seen a rise during a pretty dope time in New York and East Coast hip hop. The East Coast for many years was lagging behind the South and seemed to be constantly trying to “restore the feeling” rather than change with the times. Now a days I feel as though the East Coast can represent almost all of the different kinds of rap existing today, from traditionalists like Westside Gunn, Conway and, Benny, to auto tuned pop stars like A Boogie, and Lil TJay New York is in a great place in rap.


The group Sheff G rose with includes contemporaries like 22 G’s and Pop Smoke and he holds some similarities to their music specifically the heavy drill influence. One thing Sheff G does differently and well is his use of melody and the UK Grime sound that New York street niggas are randomly fans of now a days. Sheff’s music can be characterized by his unmistakable voice which is thick, deep, and menacing. I hope Sheff can flourish in rap and stay out of trouble as his street reputation is certified. Standouts for me are “Flows”, “Respect”, and “Think I’m Playing”. Peep Sheff G’s music below.


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