By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Alone As A Face Tat


Wifi is one of the staples of this new face tat generation and it is unfortunate that he gets lumped together with others like Lil Pump and Smokepurrp when is music holds much more merit and replay value than his contemporaries. In the beginning of the Soundcloud explosion it was almost impossible to differentiate the styles of all of the artists coming out of the movement and was way easier to lump all of the screaming, colored hair rappers into one large group with the few big name exceptions being XXXTentacion and Lil Pump. But as time went on and with the untimely and tragic passing of X, the artists from South Florida begin to evolve and die.


I feel as though artists like Purp and Pump are clearly going through the ending years of their career and their stagnant music is a telltale sign of that. While Wifi on the other hand has been making the best music of his career. WYA Pt.2 is the best song he has ever made and Ethernet 2 was one of the best projects to drop in the beginning half of 2019. Songs like “Eggs” and “WYA Pt.2” show me that Wifi is determined to not be boxed in and singled out as a dime a dozen Soundcloud rapper and wants to be seen as one of the elite from his generation. I personally believe he will get there. Take another look at Wifi down below and ignore Russ and Joe Budden at least when it comes to Weef)



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