By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

The DMV is the new drill-era Chicago 


Its always a pleasant surprise when someone lacks that rapper look but has quality music. Xanmans cheeks are so chubby and pinchable it surprised me when he starts rapping or talking and his intensely gruff and deep voice starts talking about all of the guns and drugs that he has.

Xanman is a DMV artist and as soon as he starts rapping you should be able to tell. To me the DMV flow has replaced the Chicago stutter flow as the go-to flow for almost every new rapper at some point in time. No new rapper comes out without rapping like Splurge or Q Da Fool at some point. Xanman’s style is more authentic due to the fact that he is actually from that area and collaborates with DMV street staples like Lil Dude and Goonew. Don’t look for any thoughtful bars from Xanman as it is all gun and dope talk like most of the DMV rappers, and there is nothing wrong with that. Standout tracks for me are Many Men ft Lil Dude, Midnight, and a plethora of others from his already deep catalog of projects. Peep Xanman below.


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