By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

These Kids Don’t Care About Anything


I only care about music and I feel the same goes for almost all of 69’s teenage white fans. This age’s music listeners could give two fucks about who is the toughest or is holding it down for the gang. As much as I respect and love Bobby Shmurdah for splitting that time with Rowdy the majority of listeners today will not care, and if his music upon release does not hit for them, it wont matter how “real” he is. While I think that snitching is wack for the most part I never believed Tekashi was a real gangster. He was very clearly a lick for Shotti and the rest of those real Bloods, but their viral antagonist strategy backfired on them. But when he was out and poppin, I was an avid listener. Despite what anyone says, Tekashi 69 has quality records that I believe will always have an important place in hip hop and will surely influence future generations. I say this and compare it to the musical transition of rock n roll throughout the years. Just as many people have been influenced by Nu-Metal and Pop Punk in the early 2000’s as were inspired by classic rock legends like The Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols, etc… No rock fan would say that Sum 41 and Blink 182 was a flash in the pan that ended up not mattering in the end. I feel the same about artists like Tekashi. No one will ever forget the time in hip hop where the uniform was colored hair and face tats, and Tekashi will be one of the most remembered artists from this generation.


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