By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

The Hardest


KEY! has been documented as being one of the biggest movers and shakers in the Atlanta hip hop scene. I feel like his accomplishments with other rappers who blew up so big like 21 Savage, TWO-9, OG Maco, Father, Makonnen, and Post Malone overshadow his music. “777” was one of the best projects of last year and unlike many projects from new era rappers has stood the test of time. (having a project last a whole year is in today’s era is the test of time now) To me KEY! is the highest level “catch a vibe” rapper of the new class. All of the new rap music is based on the vibe the artists and producer create. KEY! and Kenny Beats did that on a level that no artist of this new wave has done. One of the biggest knocks against today’s rap is that it lacks substance and technical rap skill. Everyone is just crooning with auto tune or rapping super fast. But what old niggas do not understand is that music about money, drugs, lust and violence is often the best music, and Key! proves that again and again with songs like Kelly Price Freestyle,

Miami Too Much

and a plethora of other bangers. I write this because his views and overall numbers don’t match up to the immense talent he clearly has. Artist like Key, D Savage, and Yung Bans, prove that views and stats does not correlate at all to talent level. “KEY! is one of the most underrated goats but I am sure his time will come. Stream his most recent release “So Emotional” below.


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