By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

First submission that wasn’t boo boo


This rap group from Atlanta e-mailed me with an unreleased project and a nicely worded pitch. I took a look at their two videos, listened to the project and was pleasantly surprised at how fucking fire these two kids are. The BADNEWZBOYZ are a new duo from Atlanta with so much potential. The group consists of RIPXL and Justleek and upon listening to their unreleased tape I was pleased to hear the impeccable beat selection, laid back flows, and content not concerned too much with drugs or violence but mainly about women and supreme confidence. Their videos are also creative and look like they put considerable time and effort into them. Don’t look for lyrical miracles here, but don’t get it twisted these kids can get into their lyrical bag a bit. Peep their two videos for “How You Do That?” and “What You Mean?” below and keep and eye out for their debut project set to drop next Thursday August 29th.


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