By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

The Hottest Out Of Jersey

Retchy P.jpg

Many probably know RetcH as the creator of the loud challenge, or the right hand man to A$AP affiliate DasH. These two came in the game together around 2013 and it looked like they were poised to breakthrough as a duo. But as time passed RetcH got into trouble with the law and almost lost his entire life to prison. Apparently their breakup had something to do with people who snitched during that whole ordeal, that I am not so sure of. But as separate rap entities I have been favoring Retch as of late and constantly wonder why he does not get more shine than he does. To me RetcH can do everything a high level rapper needs to in today’s climate. Melody, traditional bars, and hard ass beat selection are all apart of RetcH’s arsenal and he uses these weapons with pretty high accuracy. Last years “After The Verdict” a tape celebrating him beating that case was one of the best displays of lyricism by any rapper.(Yes I am saying he raps as good as Pusha T). But RetcH is never one to box himself in as his recent tape with underground Jersey rapper Gu Mitch “GuwiiMoney” is full of high energy bops and speedy flows not concerned with metaphors and similes. Listen to “High End” then “Habits” and try to tell me this nigga is not sick and deserves more shine in the mainstream. I say yes. Fastmoney 4L.


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