By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Seriously Though?


Why do people care about DJ Akademiks opinion so much? He is a super Drake stan who thinks that The Carter 3 is not a classic, everything he says should be thrown out of the window. Why does the Internet listen to someone so emotional and biased he can’t stand when any rapper says anything bad about him, the biggest examples being his recent beefs with D.Savage and Yung Bans. No journalist should be anticipating and hoping for an artist to “flop” or not have success. This is the main reason no one should give a fuck about DJ Akademiks opinion, the fact that he cares about numbers and first week sales so much is nonsense. Lets refer back to the Yung Bans situation. Yung Bans album “Misunderstood” sells like 10K and Ak is so excited to rip him on Everyday Struggle. But, if you listen to that fire ass album the last thing you should care about is how much it sold. High quality music and low initial sales almost always leads to a die hard fanbase and longevity in the music industry. Longevity and fans that really care about their individual music and lifestyle is what every artist should be looking for especially in today’s microwave time, not trying to sell or stream as much as A Boogie. He will rip someone like Yung Bans for not selling a lot then contradict himself and agree when Wayno or Nadeska bring up classic artists that don’t sell huge but are still around and relevant. Some quick examples are Curren$y, Tech N9ne, Freddie Gibbs, Danny Brown among plenty others. In closing DJ Akademiks is dumb and fat.


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