By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Watch Out For The Hipster Migos With More Bars


This trio from Minnesota has reached my radar due to the legend known as Peter Rosenberg. He just conducted a Real Late interview with these guys in New York and if Rosenberg likes it there has to be something there.

There definitely is promise in these three young kids from Minneapolis. J Plaza, Daddy Dinero, and Tha Rift all started as solo artists in the budding Minneapolis local rap scene until they collaborated on a song originally for just Tha Rift, and decided to come together like Voltron into a group that is popping more than any of them where on their own. Citing influences like Three 6 Mafia, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, DMX, and more their sound is an amalgamation of styles that come together to sound like what a trendy but still weird 2018 rap group should sound like. Sometimes auto tuned and sometimes not, a wide variety of flows and an emphasis on hooks, flows and cadences. Standouts for me include, “Taking Off”, “Ghost”, “Salsa” ft Steven Cannon, “Ego”, and plenty more all found on their debut project Connected. Take a Listen to Free Wifi below.


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