By Emmanuel

These singles are trash and I’m upset.

A$AP Rocky is an artist that holds a lot of sentimental value for me. His music was soundtrack to my high school life and I hold Rocky to a very high standard musically as he has shown that he can produce high quality records of both the poppy accessible variety, as well be an artistic titan. His new album Testing is supposed to be a foray into his artistic side as he describes the album is about “testing new sounds”, and I have no problem with experimenting, it’s just when the experiments are as sub par as “Money Bags” and “5Star” is when I have a problem.

Rocky is an upper echelon artist. When he drops a project there should not be a question if the album will be good or bad but whether or not it will be classic. This time around I’m legit worried about the project being even listenable if these singles are any indication of the albums direction. Rocky you are an icon and an artist who’s success I seriously care about. Please don’t fuck this up.


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