By Emmanuel

Some big names and promising upstarts dropping this year look forward to these

Smooky MarGielaa “A Tribe Called G.R.A.P.E”


Smooky’s debut tape is going to flip the country upside down. His talent is too obvious and almost completely refined at such a young age it is crazy. “Vlone on my body I pull up and then I flexxx.”

Wifisfuneral “TBA”


Wifi had a great 2017 but the label controversy around “Boy Who Cried Wolf” made that project less exciting and in my opinion it did not live up to the hype, he has a song with Ronny J called Genesis that he has been teasing and it sounds great, lets hope 2018 is Wifi’s year.

Schoolboy Q “TBA”


All members of TDE take take time to craft the best project they can, so I am sure Q’s next offering will be fantastic as always.

Drake “TBA”


In my opinion Drakes musical dominance took a fatal hit with the disappointments that were “More Life” and “Views”. Drake even knew the music was not up to par the obvious reason for him calling “More Life” life a “playlist”, and not submitting it for Grammy consideration. This next solo project from Drizzy is not make or break because he will always be popular but the excitement of a new Drake project will be all the way gone for me if it does not live up to the extremely high expectations I have for Aubrey’s music.

Ski Mask The Slump God “Beware The Book Of Eli”


Ski Mask is one of my favorite new rappers and he did not disapoint me all last year with his output. This next project is sure to be flames as he has already released the track list showing he has beats from legends like Timbaland and Mannie Fresh. Those guys are not going to contribute to a project that is not good. Ski Mask is going all the way up 2018.

XXXTentacion “TBA”


“17” was a conscious departure from the sound that made X popular. I for one was not that big a fan of the album due to how melodramatic I felt it was. For his next release I think X has to at least try to appease his core fans by evolving the overblown and hyper aggressive beats and vocal performances that made him pop.”A Ghetto Christmas Carol” was a small piece of that and it seems as though he is going back in that direction at least a little. Just give me a combo of “Yung Bratz” and “Riot” type records and I’ll be happy.

Yung Bans


Bans just made a huge splash with “Lonely” signing to Futures Freeband Gang  imprint at the end of last year and now all he has to due is capitalize with a great debut tape.

D Savage 

D savage Gold

“D Phoenix” on the way.

Famous Dex


“Dex Meets Dexter” on the way.

Lil Xan “TBA”


Lil Xan is going to be huge, everyone can see and feel it. The numbers that the debut project does will confirm it

$teven Cannon “TBA”


I’ve noticed in recent years that member of a rap crew is going to be given their time to shine if their music is good enough. His single “Inxanity” is still doing well and lets hope Steven can follow up.

Maxo Kream “PUNKEN”

Maxo Punken

Maxo’s debut album drops on Friday and it is going to be fire.

Wiz Khalifa “Rolling Papers 2”


This was supposed to drop last year and instead we got the sub par “Laugh Now Fly Later” EP. Wiz Khalifa is such a part of my musical adolescence that it is hard for me to say anything bad about him, but he is in a similar situation to Drake for me. As a die hard and dare I say “original” fan of Wiz I need him to bring back at least a part of the swag that made me think weed and 501 Levis were the coolest things in the world when I was 15.

Rich The Kid “TBA” 

Rich THe Kid.jpeg

“Pull up drop top wit a eata”

Jay Critch “TBA”

Jay Rich

“I get the bag nooowwww like The North Face”

Designerr “TBA”


If Designers debut project isn’t some of the hottest shit to come out of New York in the past 3 years he is done. None of his follow ups have worked like he wanted. He hasn’t recreated anything close to the “Panda” hype. It’s looking bleak for the man to be honest, and I hope that he proves me all the way wrong because I like him and I like songs like “Thank God I Got It” and “Outlet” but the music is just impacting on the same scale as “Panda”.

A$AP Rocky “TBA”

Rocky .jpeg

Rocky held his fans over in 2017 with the underrated “Cozy Boys: Too Cozy” compilation album but we are all still yearning for his next solo project that we have been waiting 2+ years for. He said on stage last year that he was really one of the greatest most creative rappers of all time, lets hope the next project shows and proves.

 Young Thug “TBA”


Last years “Beautiful Thugger Girls” was a a departure from the hard-hitting trap version of Thug, and an exploration into the super melodic, love song side of him. A side that I though was really great but many other fans didn’t. If Thug drops this year I see him returning to a “Slime Season” type vibe, either way Thug is one of the kings of this generation and anything he puts out will most likely be dope.

Trippie Redd “TBA”


“Count my gwooooop, count my gwooooop”


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