By Emmanuel

The men behind the boards

Only five here because in the music that dominated my ears this year these guys drops were heard the most and I feel as though these guy are some of the main people crafting the future sound of hip hop.


Ness The Producer

Notable tracks: Kodak, “Patty Cake”, Chris Brown “Pills and Automobiles”, A-Boogie “Say-A”



Notable tracks: SahBabbi, “Gas Mask”, Lucki “Static”

Uglyfriend + Brentrambo


Notable Tracks: Lucki “Over” “B-Print”, Thoxanbandfauni “Fast Lane”

Cash Money AP 


Notable Tracks: Lil Skies “Nowadays”, Ski Mask The Slump God “Babywipe”, Yung Bans “Lonely”

Big Head + Gnealz 

Notable Tracks: Lil Pump “Gucci Gang”, Xavier Wulf “Cold Front”, Lil Tracy “Im Rude”, Uno The Activist “Check It Out”

Pierre Bourne

Yo Pierre.jpg

Notable Tracks: Playboi Carti, “Magnolia”, Yung Nudy, “EA”, “Hell Shell”, 21 Savage, “Baby Girl”, Himself, “Yo Pierre” 6IX9INE, “Gummo”


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