By Emmanuel

These kids are going to pop/pop even more next year

Lil Skies + Landon Cube

Red Roses.jpg

The form of hip hop these guys make is what I believe will be the most popular sound in this new era. White boys sing rapping is not going to end any time soon. They are also pretty good at what they do.

Yung Bans


I would say its a safe bet to say that any artist receiving a push from Cole Bennett and the Lyrical Lemonade channel is very likely to pop off. Just ask Lil Xan, or Warhol, or C Dot Honcho. Bans seems to be next up along with a few others and the numbers on his songs like “Dresser” and “Lonely” point to success in the future.

Duwap Kaine


Duwap is one of the youngest in the underground right now and it shows in just how much it seems like he really does not give a fuck about music. But this years Forever Kaine was a quality project and for being so young he has boundless potential.



Warhol made some noise this year with his Where’s Warhol EP and the nationwide “Hate Me Now Love Me Later” Tour with Uno and Fauni but 2018 is poised to be his real breakout year as his debut project Chest Pains is slated to drop.



Scarlxrd may seem like a bit of an X clone but as I’ve stated on this site before clones are clearly working in this new era. Scarlxrd is like X without any of the soft melodramatic records something I feel like a sect of X fans wish he did not do and will surely draw them into Scarlxrd and his music.



Valee has gotten lots of industry co-signs from the likes of Schoolboy Q and Chance the rapper and his crazy viral verse on Z Money’s “Two-16’s” showed a lot of people that Valee has something special and different. 2108 is going to be the year he fully capitalizes.

6 Dogs

6 Dogs.jpg

Idk what happened to 6 Dogs but I still believe in his potential, and “Faygo Dreams”, and “Flossing” still go hard. With the unfortunate passing of Lil Peep 2018 is the perfect time for Atlanta’s 6 Dogs to come up.

03 Greedo


Greedo’s music makes you want to give a street nigga a hug and a therapists number. Street artists using the pain that comes from the street life is becoming pretty much the norm and Greedo’s auto tuned take on it is one to keep your ears on.

Drakeo The Ruler


Drakeo has a firm grip on the local scene out there in Cali and it seems as though its only a matter of time till he gets the boost that he needs.

D Savage

D savage2.jpg

D Savage’s debut project D Phoenix is slated to drop next year and if any of the snippets are to be an indication its sure to be fire af. I am the most excited about this kid.

Lil Xan


With the help of Cole Bennett Lil Xan closed out 2017 with a bang and 2018 is looking to be the year that catapults him into the mainstream.

Lil Wop


I was late to Lil Wop and at first thought his voice was far too gimmicky for my liking. And a lot of times it still is but the record “Gucci” has caught my ear and made me interested to see what Wop has to offer in the coming year.



Lucki was my one of my favorite rappers this year. His drug re brand from Xanex into Percosets and Lean was one of the best decisions he ever made and his music is all the better for it. 2017’s Watch My Back was damn near flawless and everyone should be extra tuned in to whatever Lucki does next.

Trippie Redd


Many would say Trippie had his breakout year this year but “A Love Letter To You 2” did not explode like how I thought and the records on there hinted to lots of heat being withheld. I see his debut album and rumored Drake collab making Trippie a household name in 2018.

Jay Critch

Jay Rich

Of all of the members of Rich Forever New York’s Jay Critch has the dimmest light. Despite him being the least popular his ability to rap is clearly there as seen on Rich Forever 3 and especially on the Harry Fraud produced “Thousand Ways”. I see Jay Critch dropping a solo project and glowing up in 2018.

Famous Dex 

Famous Dex.jpg

Dex is already very popping but with the building success of “Pick It Up” and videos of him in the studio with the mainstream hit makers like Hitmaka, I see his debut album “Dex Meets Dexter” really making him a topic in the mainstream.

Tekashi 6IX9INE


I honestly did not like Tekashi until “Gummo” and “Kooda’ but those two have convinced me that he has a wave on the horizon.



Tracy has been criminally slept for a long time now. While I disagree with the name change at this point in his career I hope this restructuring leads to him getting the shine he deserves. My advice, drop a video for “I’m Rude” asap.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

If you follow Key on Instagram you have heard some of the hardest sounding snippets ever. His upcoming project Live Slow Die Old is sure to contain some of the most fire music from a young upcoming artist in 2018.








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