by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Philly is goin crazy rn


Shoutout the good people at Complex who just put me on to the young dragon from Philly known as Kur. The 20 year old MC has received a cosign from current Philadelphia champ Meek Mill and grew up listen to east coast staples like State Property, and Jadakiss. His fiery aggressive flow is filled with the grit and grime those artist filled their music with. Kur’s music ranges from introspective thoughtful street stories to grimy hood bangers and while he has been vocal about favoring his softer music I prefer high energy (preferably anger) in mine. Standouts from his catalogue for me are “Stuck In My Ways”,

“Uptop!, Uptop!, Havoc, and “I Dont Give a Fuck” featuring a very humble pre-fame Lil Uzi Vert.

Take a listen to Kur below, this nigga is amazing.


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