by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Drayco McCoy

Indianapolis’s Drayco McCoy is one of my newest discoveries. I found out about him through the underground rap podcast Chicago Sleepers.

Throughout the interview you learn that Drayco’s is a pretty regular person and very humble even after opening up for Bibby and Herbo at the Metro. At one point he claims that he does not really know how to rap yet a statement I disagree with after listening to his music. His music is very dark and clearly comes from someone who is angry. He definitely has a better grasp of flow and cadence than the majority of Soundcloud rappers. Something in particular that I really like about him is his tendency to scream the ad-libs behind his speedy flows similar to xxxtentacion. Standouts for me from his extensive 85 track catalogue are “Migraine”, “Head First”, and  “Im In Love With Fuck Shit”. Flip through Drayco’s catalogue below.


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