by mannygotbricks

Thug and 21 dun had a jit.


SahBabii is gaining a massive buzz in the Atlanta underground. I was put on by the likes of Joey Fatts and Kehlani who have been blasting this song on their IG’s. While it is hard to deny the appeal of the song itself, I can’t get over just how much this kid sounds like Thug and 21. He literally says “on that slaughter gang shit” and “pull up wit a stick” is a very popular Thug song. Even in the way he uses melody and manipulates his auto tune it all screams Thug/21 clone. He even looks like the baby of Thug and 21 physically, it’s scary. But my gripes won’t have any effect on the success of the song. The simple fact of the matter is today’s rap fans don’t care about biting. If it sounds good they like it. And SahBii sounds great, albeit very familiar. I’ll give him one major creative point though, the title of his debut mixtape is the acronym S.A.N.D.A.S, it stands for Suck A Nigga Dick A Somethin, amazing. Listen below.



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