by mannygotbricks

The 2017 South Florida takeover begins


Wifi dropped his debut project for free, streaming and purchase on all platforms yesterday.  When Hell Falls has Wifi making a quite visible transformation and elevation of his style.It seems as though he took his early co-sign from Earl sweatshirt to heart and went in a more traditional hip hop , lyrical direction on many of the songs, for a me a welcome addition of variation to the rap music the younger crown of rappers make, especially form Wifi’s home state of Florida. The project is unsurprisingly emo as much of Wifi’s music is somber and contemplative on the dark times in his life. Many of the beats are of the boom bap flavor and Wifi has struck up an amazing chemistry with a producer credited on many of the songs Henry Daher. Standouts for me include, “Hell on Earth”, “My Bull Shit”, “Three-4our”, and the previously released “Lost My Mind”. Listen below.


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