I was hesitant to do this feature because Smokepurpp and Lil Pump embody what is really going wrong with rap music today. They fit perfectly into the formulaic approach many have begun to take because it works. Guns, random comedic elements, drugs, dabbing, saying “skrrt” ,”aye” or “yuh” in between every stutter flow bar.


(Check for the waffle w/ gun scene in the “Ski Mask” video as well.)

But as much as I want to dislike these guys their music has grown on me, and despite my gripes their profiles have begun to grow rapidly in the underground as their No Jumper Interview has just been recorded, and their SoundCloud plays consistently hit the hundreds of thousands. ¬†Standout tracks for me are the two biggest records these kids have which are “Ski Mask” by Smokepurrp

and the ode to himself “Lil Pump” by Lil Pump

If you can’t innovate or think outside the box or beat em, join em.



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