Ski is right hand man to fellow South Florida rapper XXXTENTACION. Think of him as the more fun side to the duo. As X screams his point across so determined to let people know what he’s saying is important. Ski sticks to a more bars oriented and sometimes comedic approach to his music. A clear indicator to this fact is the title of one of his EP’s is entitled “Slaps for My Drop Top Mini-Van.” As well as the fact that he recently put out a remix to D4L’s “Laffy Taffy”.

Think of Ski as the light hearted fun loving brother and X as the serious brooding older sibling. They often rap together on tracks and as a combo are sensational. Currently Ski has two EP’s, “Very rare Lost Files” and “Slaps for My Drop Top Mini-Van” and one debut tape out in the excellent “Drown in Designer.” Standout for me have to be his collab with XXXTENTACION “Take A Step Back” and “Wheres the Blow!” with fellow up and comer Lil Pump both can be found on “Drown in Designer”

Check for Ski as well as XXXTENTACION on Wifiisfuneral’s Black Heart Revenge tour.



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