Warholl.SS has an intelligent plan for success. Warhol moved to Chicago from Atlanta in the middle of his high school days. While doing music in Atlanta he was able to connect with current stars like Lil Yachty. I got a chance to see him live on a tour with Brian Fresco of SAVEMONEY, with no prior knowledge of his music and I immediately wanted to know more after hearing songs like “Speed Racer”.


Warholl sounds like a combo of Carti and Lucki Ecks. In his No Jumper he talks about how he was influenced to do xanax by the artists Da$H and RetcH which explains the drugged out cloud rap feel to many of his songs the track “Move” being the best example.

While his trendy flows and content mainly concerned with drugs and flexing, might throw some people off, what drew me too him was another statement he said in the same interview with Adam 22 in which he states his main influence in rap being elite lyricist Joey Bada$$, and that he when he first started rapping he rapped in the more traditional hip hop format. As much as people won’t like to admit,  most of the great artists find ways to dumb themselves down and be more direct, in order to reach larger amounts of people. (EX. Cam’Ron, Jay-Z, Kendrick.) This trait is the main reason why I believe Warholl will go far outside of the fact that he makes legit bangers. I also hope he will drop some lyrical miracles at some point too.  My favorite songs from him right now have to be  “Juelz Santana” and his most popular track “Speed Racer”. Shout out Cole Bennet for the fire visual.

Check out his recently released 3-track EP “Surprise!” on Soundcloud. As well as the No Jumper interview which is wildly entertaining.




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