DSAVAGE 3900 is finna blow. In my digging through the deep corners of Soundcloud I discovered Gardena, California sensation DSAVAGE.

He has close ties to Instagram fashion icon John Ross and meme sensation Yung Weej. His most high profile song has to be the collaboration with Long Beach native Joey Fatts “Lay Low.” Upon listening to his music you can immediately tell he has a firm grasp on what hits for the kids today. Booming 808’s accompanied by infectiously poppy and sometimes dark and ethereal melodic synths comprise his sound. Be prepared to hear plenty of gun toting and gang talk from DSAVAGE as well. 

He was also just recently signed to Joey and Vince Staples Label/collective Cutthroat Boyz. Although he only has nine songs on his Soundcloud and no full length project out. I thoroughly enjoy all of them, two that stand out for me are the heaters “Cant Stop” and “Tendencies” which I cant seem to stop playing. Give DSAVAGE a listen and get to know him before he inevitably appears on the big stages.


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