Complex just put me on to the newest internet rap phenomenon is sixteen year old Rich Chigga.

Legally known as Brian Immanuel the Indonesian spitter has grabbed the attention of media with his seemingly satirical video for “Dat $tick”. Despite the comedic elements that can be seen in the video and other vids on his youtube channel and Twitter, the kid can actually flow and combined with the deepest voice you’ve ever heard come out of a small asian kid, its becomes the hardest shit. Unlike Slim Jesus who quickly fizzled with his lack of follow up material to the already average “Drill Time” Chigga clearly has the potential to run with this style and cement a place in rap, check his other songs on SoundCloud and YouTube. Someone call Pouya and DonKrez now they need to add this man to the Buffet Boys roster ASAP. Watch the video you inevitably going to see at some point below.



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