The story of how the $uicide Boy$ Came together is one that can’t be ignored. The two cousins from New Orleans were so tired of working 9 to 5 jobs they made a pact that stated if they didn’t make it rapping they would kill themselves. Luckily their traction has really picked up in the last year especially with the release of the excellent Southside Suicide collaborative project with Florida rapper Pouya. Leopard and Christ attack every track with such ferocity, and aggression their delivery and technical rapping ability is undeniable. Think Bone-Thugs mixed with Young Thug, Three Six Mafia and Slipknot. (Im deadass) They take full advantage of the range in their voices similar to metal or punk bands as well. This skill packaged in the super punk aesthetic of these heavily tatted and drug addled MC’s is something only to be found in 2016 and is something the rap game hasn’t seen ever or at least in my recent memory. I personally couldn’t be happier these guys exist.




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